What we do

Reactor is a policy-oriented research organization and the core of our activities is conducting research. Having recognized the nation-wide lack of available data in the policy-making processes, Reactor’s main strategic objective has always been providing relevant, up-to-date and thoroughly researched data with the purpose of informing the policy process in our target areas.

The main method Reactor uses in all its research activities is a mixed method approach, a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods adjusted for the needs of the research questions and themes. It is an adaptation of the European Stability Initiative (ESI) methodology with the addition of the scientific, hypothesis-testing method.

The European Stability Initiative has long been a mentor and partner of Reactor and actively involved in Reactor’s capacity building. Its methods are similar to the Grounded Theory Approach and are field-based, thorough analyses of a subject or a place with the main accent on the perceptions and opinions of the target groups. Its main characteristic, which Reactor adopted inherently, is that it is policy oriented.