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Citizens and their communities: Civic engagement, activism and volunteering in the Republic of Macedonia

This study looks at civic engagement in the Republic of Macedonia in the period from 2012 to 2016 among the population of prime working age from 16 to 66. It focuses on civic engagement from four different aspects. Firstly, it focuses on engagement in civic initiatives for the common good, i.e. citizens working together on actions aimed at improving communities.

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The effects of Urban Planning Methodology and Practice

In this paper we analyze the consequences that the current urban planning framework in Skopje will produce in the long run. By mapping and visualizing the city’s growth in two authentic neighborhoods, we argue that this framework significantly favors private above public interest, as local authorities tend to their own needs and those of the investors and fail to address the concerns raised by the citizens. This in turn has created a model for ‘regulated’ un- sustainability, i.e. an urban planning model that only satisfies individual appetites while intensifies urban problems such us lack of parking and green areas, traffic, pollution, insulation

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