Gender analyses of programs and budgets in Local Self-Government Units

Duration: October 2014 – February 2015

The incorporation of the gender perspective in planning, policies and budget of the local self-governments addresses the specific needs of women and men in the areas of public transport, urban planning and public services. Gender mainstreaming in the creation of local policies enables for the needs of women and men to be taken into consideration on equal bases, as well as the access to institutions, services and budgets executed by the LSGU to be equal for women and men. This approach contributes towards the improvement of the position of women and fosters the process which leads towards achieving gender equality in the municipalities.

In order to analyse the current state and to assess to what extent gender is incorporated during the course of implementation of policies and budgets in the local self-government, we performed gender analysis of the programmes and budgets in the local self-government units. The objective of this analysis is not solely to assess to what extent the local policies and budgets contribute towards the improvement of gender equality but also to identify feasible methods and to provide recommendations as to how the local budgets and programmes can equally respond to the needs and interests of women and men and to improve gender equality at local level.