Event: “Let’s talk about young people – What is the plan?”

Forty attendees discussed and exchanged ideas on today’s event titled: “Let’s talk about young people – What is the plan?”, organized by Reactor – Research in Action.

During this event organized as group breakfast, held at Public Room in Skopje, the participants were part of 5 different discussions on topics and issues that affect young people, such as education, unemployment and social policies, civic participation, health and relevant tools for youth advocacy.

During the discussions, Blazen Maleski from Reactor presented the findings of the research on the status of youth, the capacities of youth organizations and the tools available to them. Speaking on the topic of unemployment and social policies, Mladen Frckovski from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, presented the youth guarantee and what it provides. Furthermore, Martina Ilievska from the Youth Educational Forum spoke about youth and education, and on behalf of the National Youth Council of Macedonia, Ilija Stankovski, discussed youth policies and mechanisms for youth civic participation. Finally, Meri Cvetkovska from HERA emphasized the need and importance for young people to be informed and educated about their health.

Also, the new resource website “Youth through Numbers“, developed by the Reactor team, was promoted at the event. The idea behind this tool is to show all the relevant data for Macedonian youth at one place, by providing easily accessible, interactive and visualized data, to encourage informed discussion about the position of youth in Macedonian society, but also to motivate a debate, activities and initiatives on youth topics.

At the end, the participants wrote their messages intended for the institutions, asking for improved employment conditions, access to internship and practical education, accessible public transport, at the same time, wishing for overall changes that will improve the conditions for youth in the country.