Скопје Расте!

The project ‘СкопјеРасте’ is an internet platform created to show and analyze city quarts Debar Maalo and Bunjakovec using few elementary and chronological parameters: HOUSING STRUCTURE – how it grows, expands and increases in density?
PARKING as a reaction to the increased number of housing units. Which alternatives are offered by the Detailed Urban Plan and how it deals with the same problem? And of course – THE GREEN AREAS as parameter, which simply disappears inside the frame of this urban unit.

This platform in a way tries to influence on a micro level, as an informative and educational trigger, which will achieve engagement of the subjects that were passive before.

The data presented on this platform are a result of a collaborative project that we undertake with the architectural studio ARHITEKTRI. The project was financially supported by the Think Tank Fund and Information Program на Open Society Foundations.