Blazhen Maleski

Work position: Researcher

Blazhen Maleski is a researcher at Reactor since 2012, focusing on youth related issues, as well as civic engagement, freedom of assembly and human rights. He also works in the field of the EU accession projects that are currently being implemented by Reactor.

Furthermore, he has been the President of the National Youth Council of Macedonia from the period of 2016-2018 and is currently a member of the supervisory board of NYCM. His duties included representing the Council at international events, such as the European Youth Forum and during the Berlin Process meetings of civil society, as well as representing and leading the governing board of the council at domestic and international level.

Last but not least, he is a student at the Faculty of law at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, finishing his Bachelor degree in Political science. He has spent 6 months as an exchange student at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, at the Department of History. He is fluent in English, German and understands and speaks most of the languages spoken in former Yugoslavia. He likes to spend his free time with mountain biking, skiing and reading.