CSO Dialogue – Platform for structural participation in EU integration

Donor: European Commission
Duration: April 2019 - March 2022

Civil society’s participation in formulation and implementation of public policies is considered “a major feature of political life worldwide”. The overall objective of this action is to enable meaningful and structured participation of civil society, which voices the citizens’ perspective, in order to influence key sector reforms in the EU accession process. Through the project we strive to establish a platform that structures CSOs engagement in the institutional mechanisms for consultations by streamlining information and facilitating their participation in the public decision-making processes related to the EU accession process; to strengthen the Sectoral Working Groups, the Council for Cooperation between the Government and the Civil Society and the negotiating teams as institutional mechanisms for consultations between civil society and government, for the purpose of enabling effective civil society impact over key sector reforms in the EU accession process; and to increase the impact of civil society over sector policies by providing evidence based policy input on key sector reforms in the EU accession process.

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