Gender Equality Council

Donor: Ministry of Finance (through IPA)
Duration: February 2014 – April 2015

The action was developed in coordination with other prominent gender equality CSOs and grew out of their identified lack of a unified approach from the gender equality CSO sector in working with local and national governments. Furthermore, the action was developed at a turning point in the gender equality sector, when the 2007-2012 National Action Plan for Gender Equality (NAPGE) is expiring and a new 2013-2020 Gender Equality Strategy (GES) is being drafted. The overall goal of the action is to improve the overall climate for advancing gender equality in the country.

As part of this project the Gender Equality Platform was formed – an independent and informal network of Macedonian Civil Society Organizations focusing on Women’s Rights, consisting of 22 organizations and networks that jointly act for the purpose of promoting gender equality in the Republic of Macedonia.