Scoping study on violence against women in Skopje

Duration: October 2017 - May 2018

This research project represents a replication of the Study carried out in 2012 in the Municipality of Centar and Chair, by using a slightly modified methodology. The aim of the replication of the study is to assess the trends and changes in the manifestation of violence and the perceptions of safety in public spaces on behalf of women and girls, especially following the changes in the urban infrastructure of the city of Skopje since 2012.

The objectives of the scoping study are to understand the specific local manifestations of violence against women and girls in particular public spaces in the two municipalities in the city of Skopje (Centar and Chair) and perception of public safety and concrete risk factors; analyze local development policies, plans and relevant initiatives related to elimination of violence and discrimination against women and girls;  identify and assess relevant existing services and ongoing interventions pertaining to eliminating gender based discrimination and violence against women; identify and ascertain position and priorities of significant stakeholders (e.g. police, social workers, local services providers etc.); identify and clarify views of intended beneficiary groups; and provide data that can assist stakeholders in increasing the prevention of violence against women and public safety.