Empowering CSO’s in Combating Discrimination and Furthering Women’s Labour Rights in Republic of Macedonia

Donor: European Commission, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Duration: August 2018 – December 2021

At present, most SEE countries have anti-discrimination legislation in place, often aligned with the EU gender equality acquis. However, the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation remains weak throughout the region. Very few discrimination cases seem to be reported or addressed by courts. As a result, there is little existing or accessible case law related to discrimination. A key reason for the absence of cases reported is minimal knowledge among relevant institutions regarding anti-discrimination legislation, its meaning and implementation. This includes among key stakeholders (several of which are affiliated entities) who could otherwise support awareness-raising and use of anti-discrimination legislation, such as National Gender Equality Mechanisms (NGEMs), social partners (e.g., trade unions), labour inspectorates, state-run legal aid services, and civil society organizations (CSOs). This Action seeks to improve the capacities of these target groups to understand discrimination and to put in place procedures and policies for better addressing gender-based discrimination, particularly related to women’s labour rights.